Keith Green

Founder & Executive Director

Advisory Board

Diane Tuppeny

Chairman of the Board

Keith, who is currently the Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Sales at Guinness World Records, has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, sales and public relations.  His background includes high-profile communications positions in the NASCAR field and the NBA, as well as adjunct faculty positions at several universities. Keith and his wife Donna have a son who is on the autism spectrum.  His familiarity with the disorder allows him to easily educate others and communicate passionately about the organization.

Our Team

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Val brings more than 30 years of non-profit and fundraising experience to Autism MVP. She has served on numerous non-profit boards, chaired committees and spearheaded fundraising efforts for the Catholic Charities of Monmouth County and St. Leo the Great Parish, among others. 

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Ted, who also oversees our marketing committee,  has more than twenty-five years of marketing communications experience, including digital and mobile strategies, experiential marketing, traditional advertising, promotions, and public relations. He also brings his entrepreneurial background, having formed, run, and later sold a travel company.  

Executive and Advisory Boards (all volunteer)

Ted Curtin


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It is estimated that 90% of people on the autism spectrum are unemployed or underemployed. By increasing the number of educators and therapists in the marketplace, we will help more children on the autism spectrum reach their maximum potential and make a significant impact in our communities. But we need your help, please support our mission and donate today. 

Diane brings more than three decades of experience in fund raising, corporate affairs, community relations, and education to the organization. She has served on numerous non-profit boards and has been actively involved with fundraising for many charitable endeavors, including the Police Athletic League and Woodlynde School.  Diane was also the Executive Director of The Comcast Foundation for more than seven years. Diane oversees our fundraising committee. 

Val DeFelice

Vice President

Helping Children with Autism Reach Their Maximum Potential